Corset Book

An ideal tutorial book for people, even beginners, who wish to learn how to create the Corset 1880 and Corset 1844 Historical Pattern, with all the explanations, photos, to make the Corset until the finished garment.
An important Corset history. An historical 1880 pattern in size 12 revised and drawn by me on squared paper to be doubled, easy even for those who have no experience in model making. Two period projects, Corset 1880 and Corset 1844, with two diagrams per period and explanations to learn how to make the historical pattern of the Corset. Clear explanations with photos for the realization of the Corset step by step until the finished garment, which includes, types of fabrics, cut, seams, channels for stays, types of stays, opening cheek piece, holes and eyelets and all types of materials .

An excellent guide that will lead you to make your custom Corset.

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Victorian Fashion 1850-65

Tutorial book to learn how to create an 1850 English Victorian dress.
We will start with a brief but important history of the dress of this era between 1850 and 1865.
Then we will see how to make the crinoline cage, made only of loops and sticks, the bumpad, which is a cushion that is positioned behind to supports the crinoline without making it move.
The second crinoline cage that I propose will instead be built with Cotton fabric and ribs inside.
Then we will make her crinoline cover and also another crinoline with a layer of tulle to enrich our skirt and make it look wider but without it moving from side to side as unfortunately I often see in ballroom dresses.
Now the time has come for the skirt, its pattern and the variations of draperies and decorations.
The patterns will all be on graph paper so you can easily enlarge them and adapt them to your measurements.
I propose both the bodice pattern and the jacket with various sleeve models of the time.

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