Wedding and Cerimonila Dresses, made to measure, differents ideas and style to Design your Secial Dress. Unique only for you.

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Wedding dress Liberty

Stunning dress in two pieces, a steel boned Corset made in white silk satin and a toille the jouy fabric in blue. The Skirt is in white silk until the knees and then open in a wide wheel in toille the jouy, mermaid shape to esalt the waist. All decorated in satin, ribbon, and trimmng in blue.


Wedding dress Beauty

Ivory Silk and Lace macrame' Corset stell boned with a vintage cut skirt mermaid shape with two flounce. very elegant and unique.

Evening dress Black Lace

Black Satin Corset decorated with trimming and a mermaid shape skirt all made in black lace.


Weddiing dress in Gattopardo's style

A Stunning Wedding period dress in Ivory satin and Lillac flower fabric. The dress is divide in a Bodice, Large Skirt and a structured crinoline.




Wedding dress Irene

A Beautifull Dark Red Corset and Ivory Duchesse decorated with ivory satin and trimming. The skirt is in Ivory duchesse and red ribbon.. with a crinoline under to sostain the shape and make it a very confortable dress to wear.


Evening dress Gold

Black brocade Corset decorated in gold with a stunning satin gold skirt cut in a wheel 360 shape

Dress Bordeaux

Burgundy Corset and skirt decorated with black laces and ribbons.

Dress Turchese

Corset in a spring cottone flower fabric.. decorated in bluette triimming. The skirt is a pin up cut until the knees.


Dress in Salmon pink and Black

Salmon pink 100% damsk silk and black Corset steel boned and decorated with trimmingd. The skirt in black satin and damask silk


Wedding dress in 1800 Style

Jacket in gold brocade with burgundy piping and decorated with laces and trimmings, the faboulose victorian long skirt in burgundy taffeta with a bustle crinoline under to sostain the shape of this period dress


Wedding in Red Corset and Jeans

Red Corset stell boned and decorated with flowers saw one by one in an artigianal way.With jeans for a Modern unconventional bride.


Wedding in Ivory Corset and Jeans

Ivory Corset stell boned and decorated with gold trimmings.. and cameo. With jeans for a Modern unconventional bride.




Black Pin up Dress

Black damask silk decorated with lace and trimmings, skirt in black organza.